Cycle Training

This part of the site will help you find out about the wide variety of cycle training that is available today. From training children to take those first steps (or should it be “pedals”) on their bike to very advanced mountain bike riding.  There are even courses to learn how to keep your bike in top condition.


In early years education, some children in Swindon are offered "balance bike" training.  These are bikes without pedals that gives youngsters their first experience of balancing on a seat and propelling themselves forward. Research shows that children who ride them generally progress to riding pedal bikes independently at a much younger age than those who learn using stabilisers.

Across the UK the most popular form of cycle training today is Bikeability.  This is the Government recommended and funded cycle training scheme. Bikeability training is delivered in most primary schools in Swindon.  Find out more about Bikeability in Swindon.

It's fun and gives children the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions just as these Highworth children found out on their Level 2 bikeability course. 

Children in Highworth on their Bikeability training

About Bikeability

Level 1 teaches the basic, but necessary cycle control skills to ensure you can get on, pedal, balance, steer and stop your bike.   It is generally done in a couple of hours on a site with no traffic (e.g a school playground).

Level 2 teaches the road skills necessary to ride on quiet low traffic condition roads.  As you would expect it covers starting off, stopping, Right and Left Turns.  Where applicable it will also include how to use cycle paths and cycle lanes crossroads and mini-roundabouts.  On your course you will also learn how to check that your bike is safe, how to carry stuff safely on your bike and other stuff about lights and reflectors.  You can expect a level 2 course to take between 6 and 8 hours.  Typically a course will have 5 or 6 trainees to one instructor

Level 3 is there to equip cyclists to deal with any type of road that they are legally allowed to ride on.  Generally you will work with an instructor on a 1:1 basis.  With your help your instructor will assess your current level of ability.  You will tell him about the real journeys you wish to make (ride to work, ride to the gym, ride to evening classes etc ) and then your instructor will explain and demonstrate how to negotiate the roads required.  Typically you will ride these routes with the your instructor behind you helping you learn and gain the confidence you need to make these journeys on your own.

It is important to note that all Bikeability Instructors are keen regular cyclists who have been specially trained to deliver a National Standard of Cycle Training and to pass on their cycling experience to trainees.



Many adults are now considering the benefits of cycling.  If you're thinking about dusting off that bike in the garage or buying a new one but are wary that you might not be ready for the road, the good news is that help is close to hand. Cycle training is available privately or through public courses. 

Cycle drop-in

Whether you want to learn to ride a bike, gain some confidence away from  the road, or ask an instructor a question, then pop down to the County Ground Athletics track on a Friday morning. No need to book, just turn up.

Friday 10-12am County Ground Athletics Track

Please contact Lewis Bird for more information, Tel 07976 909660 Email

"Cycling 4 Health"

The Community Health & Well-Being Team offer inclusive cycling sessions under their Cycling 4 Health programme. They welcome people over 16 years old, and cater for a wide range of disabilities and health conditions and have many adapted cycles to choose from.

Monday 10-11am County Ground Athletics Track

Thursday 1-2pm County Ground Athletics Track

We also deliver a junior SEN session 12-16 years during the school holidays only. Parents to stay.

Thursday 2.15-3.15pm County Ground Athletics Track

Please contact Lewis Bird for more information, Email

Let’s Ride

Like to get out on your bike more but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

Swindon have a team of British Cycling ride leaders that deliver local FREE rides which are great for families and beginners. We can help you find great cycling routes and people to explore them with.  These include Ladies only rides, and mountain bike rides.

For more information please go to:

Self Guided rides

Visit the Swindon Travel Choices website to download the Swindon Rounds Maps, or order a Swindon Cycle Map, or plan a journey on the journey planner.

Mountain biking

You can enjoy the skills trails built by volunteers in Croft Country Park. There are two routes, Blue and red.  The blue routes is a recommended starter and taster for those who have little or no off road experience whilst the red route offers some more tricky and difficult challenges.   

The club also run various rides and taster sessions; these are posted on the Swindon MTB web site.


Bike Maintenance


Swindon's Mobile Cycle Medic runs "Basic home mechanics" day courses - visit his website for details.

Instructor and Professional Training

If you are interested in becoming a cycling instructor, there are several types of course available.  The following organisations offer National Standard Instructor training courses:Wiltshire Road Safety,CTUK(in London),  Life cycle (in Bristol), Kingston Council (Greater London), British Cycling (UK Wide).

Free Bike security marking

Whilst not "training", it's still useful to know that FREE security marking of bikes takes place in Swindon. Take your bike to Recycles on Princes Street and they will mark it so that it will be registered with